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Ground Surfacing

Ground Surfacing

When providing a safe environment for your children to play in, the surface on which they play is particularly important.

Synthetic grass

Aarons artificial grass is the perfect addition to any play area.

Our 30mm pile grass contains a UV protector (so it won’t fade) and comes with a 7 year warranty.

We import it ourselves to ensure you receive a quality product that can be enjoyed safely for years.

Softfall Rubber

This weather-resistant surfacing provides shock-absorption to help cushion falls lessening the chance of serious harm to children.

Rubber surfacing requires very little maintenance meaning kids can spend more time on the playground, and you can spend less time cleaning the area. Very little effort is needed to keep the surface ready for play, even after it rains. With proper maintenance can last a very long time. It is also wheelchair friendly.

Sports Fields & Bike Tracks

Physical activities will not only raise a child’s heart rate, but will build confidence and strength, improve coordination, help develop higher-order cognitive skills and assist with mental and emotional development.