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Ready made play equipment

Ready made play equipment

Our imagination play range has been designed to assist in cognitive and social development, and to enhance fine and gross motor skills.

Stimulate imagination, encourage outdoor play and follow your kids as they conquer the Seven Seas, climb Everest or guide the train into the Imagination Station – all in the comfort and safety of your outdoor space!

All deigns have been pre-certified to Australian Safety Standards.

Pirate Ship

Enjoy watching the children visit each end of the Earth from their timber Pirate Ship, all without leaving the play room!

Our timber Pirate Ship is our largest selling product in the range and is loved by all. Set course for the Seven Seas and let the children’s imagination sail!

Our Play Pirate Ship is certified to Australian Safety Standards and because we use the best natural materials, it means long-lasting quality and outstanding value for money.

Footprint: 1300 x 2300mm
Includes: Boat Wheel, Telescope, Pirate Flag, Timber Boat Anchor Detail & Sandpit Area

Speed Boat

Our Aarons Speed Boat is a great compact unit for your play area. With seats, a telescope and steering wheel they can eat their lunch, be read to and more importantly have fun while they imagine themselves on the open seas.

Stimulate imagination, encourage outdoor play and follow your kids as they conquer the Seven Seas and each corner of the globe – all from the comfort of your play space!

Our timber, Australian made, certified Speed Boat is the perfect catalyst to help your children learn and grow, together or by themselves!

Footprint: 1100 x 2200mm
Includes: 2x Boat Wheels, Telescope & Two Bench Seats

Play Train

All aboard! We’re off to the Imagination Station! Every child will love playing on our Play Train. These certified units come with a fun tunnel and small platform combo, with imagination accessories for years of entertainment.

Train footprint: 

  • Platform Height: 140mm
  • Footprint: 1100 x 2400mm
  • Peak Height: 1800mm

Carriage footprint: 

  • Length: 1250mm
  • Width: 1100mm
  • Height: 570mm

Includes: Tarpaulin Roof, HDPE Crawl Tunnel, Steering Wheel, Timber Block Abacus Kit & Train wheels


Crafted from solid wood, this charming playground car with its simple yet sturdy construction allows a child’s imagination to truly take the wheel.

Built low to the ground, it is the perfect size for little ones to easily clamber in and out as they embark on amazing adventures, their laughter and hollers of “beep beep!” bouncing off the wooden frame.

Up + Over

The Up & Over is a great, dual climbing playground. Combining a net rope and a rock wall, its low height also makes it ideal for the little ones. Our Up & Over allows kids to work on bilateral coordination, sequencing and body awareness in a challenging and fun way.


  • Peak Height: 935mm
  • Footprint: 1900 x 1000mm

Includes: Scramble Net, Rock Wall & Plastic Hand Grips.

Walkover Bridge

Designed to create interactive interest and play, our walkover bridge is perfect to connect kids to different sections of a playground, or to sit over a river creek bed or natural water course.


  • Peak Height: 840mm
  • Length: 1500mm
  • Width: 700mm

Swing Frames

A kindergarten favourite, our 125mm x 125mm Cypress Pine timber, in-ground swing frames have lock-in steel plates, diagonal support stays and swing hooks. Available in Single or Double.

A range of Swing Seats are also available.

Single Frame: 

  • Length: 1800mm
  • Height: 2100mm

Double Frame:

  • Length: 3000mm
  • Height: 2100mm

Clearance requirement for swing arc: 3400mm from centre of frame both front and rear

Attachment Options: Nest swing, Toddler swing with safety strap & Standard swing seat